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Tinawag ka nilang puta
At hindi man lang ako nagsalita
Upang suwayin sila
‘Pagkat alam ko na totoo
Na ika’y nagpapakanti
Nagpapaloko, nagpapahipo,
Sa kahit na sino
Puta ka, pero mas puta ako
Dahil pumapayag ako makinig
Magpabugaw, magpagalaw,
Sa mga taong walang alam
Sa tunay mong pagkatao


Star Fire (Initial draft)

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The clouds recede into the horizon

and the velvet surface of God’s coffee

table exposes the billions of cracked

lights that man calls stars

Stars that burn hot gas and takes hope

As a spark to ignite its inner furnace

And spurs the imagination and desires

Of individuals for things that are impossible

Impossible yet with a simple act of wishing

On a fallen member of these celestial bodies

Man takes this glimmer and creates a roaring blaze

That drives humans to build and give life

Life that is merely an extension of the ethereal

The primordial chain that binds the species

And shackles them to a destiny greater

Than we could ever dream

Dreams that can only be eclipsed

By a substance, an emotion, a chemical reaction

With a pull stronger than a black hole

And a potency more explosive than a supernova

A supernova condensed in one word and

Four letters that could mean an endless mix

Of possibilities that for some of us turns

Into an obsession with the divine

The divine who is evanescent, trapped

Within the moments of carnal pleasure

Or pure and unfiltered, piercing

Our hearts like a meteorite

Meteors shower  the night sky

And if one were to sit quietly

The sound of seven billion voices

Can be heard wishing for better days

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